Restructuring is modification of the loan service terms of the bank customer (service means the coverage of the loan, including the principle sum and interest); such modification aims to simplify the loan service for the customer. The most popular form of the restructuring in Georgia is summing of all liabilities of the customer and allocation of the total loan over larger period of time. Though restructuring can be any modification of loan service terms. It should be considered that the restructuring is a free will of any bank and bank is entitled either to restructure or not to restructure the loan for the customers, though restructuring bears its advantages and disadvantages similar to other bank products.

Non-governmental organization "Society and Banks" focused on the issue and checked the restructuring terms through the five largest commercial banks of Georgia

Reaserch show that, the most of the banks have the commission fee for issuing the restructured loan. Thus, it turns out that, effective interest rate of the loan increases as a result of commission fee. Additionally paid money also increases in case of prolongation of the loan period, plus increased interest rate, source of which is unclear. Notwithstanding this fact, consumer's condition is simplified by the restructuring as monthly payable sum decreases and there is no risk of realization of immobile property or other security. Besides, instead of several liabilities, you pay one loan and via restructuring consumer improves his/her credit history as well. 

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